• July 19, 2019

    Image Compression with Singular Value Decomposition

    This blog-post is about compression of jpg files using SVD (Singular Value Decomposition). This is inspired from a project that I did with Ultra Wide-band Imaging. There, forming the observation matrix was very different where real life data from a linear array of synthetic aperture radar was given with a set of frequencies of operation (large bandwidth). There, forming the image was the real task with different bandwidths and different aperture sampling of the radar elements with some theoretical electromagnetic tools and SVD.

  • October 13, 2018

    How sleeping 8 hours has a considerable impact

    My schedule before 2018 October:

  • September 02, 2018

    Moved my blog to Octopress 3.0

    I just moved my entire tech blog from Octopress 2 to 3.0. It was quite tiresome because I had my base folder before at /blog and somehow I had a landing page of my own on the root endpoint /. However, I managed it somehow and due to the mis-match, I was allowed to dig deep into designing after almost 3 years. Did some CSS and HTML as well. Added Github flavored markdown once again.

  • September 02, 2016

    IoT with phoenix part 3

    This is the last part in the series.

  • August 07, 2016

    iot with phoenix part 2

    In part 1, I have demonstrated how to create MVC based user authentication and a plug for the same with Phoenix. Now, in this tutorial we will see how to display some data using websockets. Websocket connections are consistent. So, for displaying the real time data from the machine, we need to use the channel feature of phoenix, where we can update the data on the page in real time.