Hello everyone, this is Tworit. I am a student at TU Delft under the Electrical Engineering Faculty (under EEMCS).

This blog post is about stuff that I try one line at a time. I am adept in programming languages like ruby, python, elixir and a handful of scripting langauges like JavaScript, CSS and HTML.

Hardware hacking is a hobby. Installing, crashing! That’s my thing. :heart: I often play with my ARM Cortex, RPi3 and Arduino.

I worked for Bosch India for 2 years (2016 - 2018) as an OBD Calibration Engineer for passenger cars.

Furthermore, my alter ego writes about parallel universes and dreams, because writing dreams just after waking up is one of my hobbies (which is not exactly included in my quotidian routine… But yes, I do sometimes). Don’t believe me? You can check my resume. :relieved:

Links to the details of the conferences that I have spoken during my undergraduate studies is on the nav bar.