My schedule before 2018 October:

I don’t feel ashamed of admitting that I never used to sleep before half-past mid-night at least. You heard that right. Never! Even if I have a flight to catch at five in the morning, I wouldn’t sleep even until three and catch the flight with red eyes. The last year (2017) was pretty hard already because of my upside down work-life balance. There was literally no quotidian routine to follow. It was pretty much a mess. Though sometimes I had the aplomb to handle things wisely at work, the cerebral activities only had to offer some weird and pathetic ideas. I do multiple tasks, but I am not good at it. However, this lack of sleep had triggered a forceful desire to do multi-task. At this moment right now, I feel so happy writing this down, because of two reasons. First, it is a Saturday evening and I can reminisce about how hard life was for at least six months and write my heart out. Second, I feel the effect is still there because I just did multi-task before writing and was too cautious about configuring my vim editor to support spell check automatically and to do a live markdown check. Right now I am writing my text and viewing the result on a browser. Awesome; isn’t it? Okay, now getting back to work. :smiley: Furthermore, this habit was there from my school days. Back then also I used to sleep late (almost four in the morning) because I loved reading a lot of physics. (I still do!)

For some days, to be honest, I used to work for sixteen to seventeen hours a day! No kidding here. None to blame, because it was a bit wrong on my part to take too much. I had to get out of it wisely. Then, what did I do? I didn’t sleep. Wasn’t that too wise? Let me tell you how promising that was and how sometimes in life, you just have to do whatever it takes to take your mind off work. Pretty absurd it was, but it was true that I was already dreaming (Like real dream; the dream you see when you are in deep sleep) about work. I was working for a car company as a supplier. Not a “supplier” supplier, but a development supplier, where you have to understand the physics behind what you are doing and take ample measurements to make justice to your thinking and intuition.

So, what I used to dream? I used to dream of people having names same as that of the variables, like one for the air, one for the fuel, one for the cylinders. And sometimes, they used to ask me to make it capable of flying over Jupiter (Probably I was obsessed with Jupiter because it was the only star so bright and visible to naked eyes and I used to track it with Google’s night sky). If that was not convincing enough to make you believe that my dreams were horrible, let me introduce you to the series of sleep paralysis attacks I had. Starting from horrible looking creatures putting their stuff inside my mouth and holding my hands to people chasing me with arrows with weird looking feathers on top. The problem with sleep paralysis is that you can’t move your hands and legs during that time even after knowing that it is a dream. You can google about it.

Now, coming to what I used to do except sleep. I really had to do something to get rid of the dreams. I was dreaming such unusual stuff because I was working a lot and keeping my mind busy with work almost all the time. As simple as that. I didn’t realize it was the lack of sleep which was contributing to the occasional sleep paralysis events.

I started sketching, the hobby which I hadn’t paid attention to for almost 6 years. I don’t know why I was too serious about it and wanted to improve on it, but I just did it. I bought some charcoal bars, pencils and Strathmore sheets from Amazon. Almost every day after an evening shift, I used to come back to the hotel at around midnight or one o’ clock in the morning (Sometimes at half-past eleven, if I was so determined and finished the work in time or just something broke or burnt in the facility. Probability distribution shows that the second reason was the most likely one). Then, after a not so healthy but tasty dinner, I was busy with sketching. However, sketching needs time, which I didn’t have. So, I started sleeping at around five o’ clock in the morning. Then, repeated the whole story from the morning where an unusual and surprising phone call used to wake me up at around eight or nine o’ clock. Of course, it was always a call from work. I started getting good dreams. This was the trick, wasn’t it? However, to notice that I had gotten rid of the sleep paralysis thingy, I had to wait for one. And I was so depressed to get it with an even higher frequency than before. So, this wasn’t the correct trick. It was so wrong.

Me to myself: “Stop sketching?”… “Hell NO! I like it now. Didn’t you see Paul’s sketch? It was so darn close. Keep it going.”

The social media spree of showing off with my sketch work didn’t let me down at all. I was getting better at it. Then, suddenly I had to go for a test trip for work. I started realizing that I was losing hair more drastically. One of the major reasons was the Dengue attack I had had a couple of months before (I was unaware of this reason until I validated it with some online research). Now, it was all about my health. This was not all. After the entire project got over, I flew back to my base location for work. I had less load, yet experienced health issues. Now, as Newton said, Inertia is a bitch, even though I was not working my ass off, I was pretty much used to it. The inertia was affected and I experienced a migraine for a week. After a good eighteen days vacation and lesser workload, I was pretty much positive to work again. It was January 2018. Though I didn’t have much workload, the habit of sleeping late continued. I just didn’t feel like sleeping before three in the morning every day. It doesn’t mean that I was doing something productive; I was wasting my time. I almost had stopped sketching. This was my daily sleep cycle until this October.

My schedule from October 2018:

It’s been only twelve days and I experience something so good. I hope I continue this for rest of my life. Now, that I left my job and studying my masters, there’s a motivation to wake up in the morning before seven o’ clock, because I have class every morning and I have to walk, travel by train and then cycle to the university. This time, all on a sudden my brain wants to sleep for at least eight hours, that motivated me to sleep before half-past eleven every day. Days, when I don’t have to go to the university was usually occupied with studies, cooking and an afternoon nap. This time, I avoided the afternoon naps and did something to keep my mind occupied instead. Before this October, days, when I had to be in the uni was occupied with classes and a bit of study. I used to come back home early to have the afternoon and early evening nap (Because I didn’t want to sleep early before the next morning and waste my time, as usual, remember?). However, this time, I stayed a bit longer at the university till six or half-past six in the evening to just self-supervise the aftereffects. Now, I felt better because my head was pretty much occupied with studies and I started liking it. I usually used to read an academic text twice or even more to get the content properly. Now I understand it on the first attempt. If I feel a bit tired, I come back home and take an evening shower followed by a stress alleviating session called “cooking”. The best part of my schedule is this everyday cooking session. Then, I watch some funny stuff on the internet and sleep exactly at quarter past eleven.

To sum up, I feel fresh these days with so much positivity. I have put my head in the game once again and this time it is pretty effective. Now my schedule contains almost four hours in the class, another four hours study session in the university, almost one hour spent in transportation (includes almost twenty minutes cycling with Bohemian Rhapsody), one or two hours cooking session followed by some entertainment and the last part in the schedule that is almost eight hours of sleep. I so badly wanted to write this, because the effects are so quick and my brain is so healthy. My hair looks cool as usual and I enjoy each and every hour without any anxiety. I talk to people fluently knowing exactly what’s there in my mind. I have started thinking positively and I don’t read text that’s in my books, not more than once to understand it (Unless it is referenced to Einstein and Relativity.. because it needs the patience of course!).