After watching the three chronicles of Narnia, I was curiously driven to know more about the writer C.S. Lewis. If I knew about the series before, I would have read the books much earlier than the release date of the first movie. I was a bit late to start, but it turned out to be more interesting than expected. I am a kind of person who take interest in some things which are not so mainstream and not adorable. As far as childrens’ fantasy is concerned, I believe in ‘em to some extent. But to think of a pretty different world in a different universe, (with a complete set of new physical laws and or you can say a complete set of new Gods of creation) has grown an immense inquisitiveness within me and for that very reason I found the Narnian series to be the best fit for my childish ( if you can say it ) imaginations. Is our world round or we just imagine it to be? Whatever that is, I found a world which is triangular flat in my dreams and happened to notice that Narnia is also flat.

And who knows the shape of the world we live in? (… Bermuda Triangle is still a mystery …) Things, which are untrue and apocryphal (or we just think they are) often trouble us about their existance, because those are somehow parts of our possible imaginations. The thing that I am trying to convey is nothing is apocryphal as long as they are parts of our imaginations. From physicsist’s point of view, if I consider, I can say those things or happenings belong to other parallel universes. But the thing that I had to focus on was “How to make a contact(physical, mental, over internet if you are ignorant of the keyword “parallel universes”) among those parallel universes ?” I think (genuinely) that I certainly found out the answer and I believe C.S. Lewis had got it much before me .!! :)